I was first introduced to OAKS charity during my job as a host DJ at a major fund raising evening.

OAKS is a Chester registered Charity, Trustees and Board members live in Chester, Neston & Wirral.

OAKS immediately captured my attention… and my heart… both with the dedication of the team and the amazing work they do in educating kids in an area of Bo, Sierra Leone, West Africa.

OAKS School, which has been open for 11 years, fosters ambition and gives hope to young lives, where there has otherwise been little hope. OAKS are helping to provide quality education building better futures for kids, their families and their community.

Civil War, the deadly disease of Ebola, endemic malaria and poverty have all made Sierra Leone a tough place to grow up and to live. It is truly heart breaking, but, the people are just lovely and so friendly.

2017 was my first trip to Sierra Leone and I was asked as my contribution to make a short film, documenting the great work that has already been achieved.

The welcome from the Bo community and OAKS School children really touched my heart and made me feel so privileged. First hand experience has made me realise just how lucky we are to live in the UK and how even I can help in a small way to truly improve the life chances of these school kids.

OAKS is now trying to expand, to educate even more children, maintaining the excellent high standard of education they’ve already established. These kids don’t want or need hand outs, they require the hand of help to build a better future for themselves and their families, through hard work.

OAKS sit National Exams – NPSE (11+) and BECE (GCSE). Always excellent results, thanks to the dedication and partnership of teachers, parents and kids. In a 3rd World country the only way out of poverty is ‘Quality Education’.

Take a look at OAKS website www.oaks-sl.org or facebook www.facebook.com/oakssierraleone/

All members of the charity give their time for free and pay all their travel costs themselves. All donations, large or small are welcomed and all monies are tracked and carefully spent.

Donations pages hyperlink:  https://oaks.charitycheckout.co.uk/donate