The Selfie Pod.

A unique addition to our Disco and Video services… or an alternative or addition to our Selfie Mirror service.


The 3 main features to the Selfie pod are

Take A Photo

The Pod will take 3 quality photographs. Props can also be added. At the end of each photo session, you will get 3 individual photo’s, a boomerang style giff and a personalised print layout.

Make A Video

You can make a short 20 second video to use in the same way as you would with the photo’s. The video option allows you to stop or re-record your video at any time and also has instant playback to check you are happy with it.

Make A Song RequestUnique to Dave Bladen Entertainments

At any party, guests will like their favourite song to played, although some might not like to approach the DJ to ask. This feature allows your guests to send a song request straight to the DJ and then the DJ can chose to play the song at the DJ’s (and the hosts) discretion. It also allows the DJ to carry on doing what they do best.

Social Share

The Selfie pod is designed to take quality photo’s or videos, which guests can then email to themselves, to use anyway they wish. The party host will also get all images taken on the night, including a personalised montage/print layout of the 3 photo’s that the guest(s) have taken. It means the party host can create their own guestbook at a later date, or at additional cost we can do it for you.

How To Book

The Selfie Pod has been designed so that there is no need for an attendant, so unlike any traditional Photo Booth or Selfie Mirror, there isn’t a set time of hire, it starts when the party begins and carry on until the DJ finishes.

It looks great, has a simple and easy to use interface and will help keep your guests entertained through the night.

Contact us for more information on our Selfie Pod, Selfie Mirror and Disco Packages.