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80’s Theme Nights- Big Screen Disco

Experience the Sights & Sounds of a decade of unforgettable music.

Looking for a unique and special twist for your Party? Love the 80’s era? Then look no further than Dave Bladen Entertainments. With our Big Screen Disco experience, we can take your party to new heights. Not only will your guests get to experience a whole plethora 80’s music, but they will get to relive their favourite 80’s music videos on our Bangin’ Big Screen.

Step back in time..into a totally awesome show

Top Of The Pops

Not since the advent of radio had there been such a powerful tool to make or break artists’ careers than music television. The 80s saw MTV and VH1 become the new jukebox for a whole generation of music fans, where music videos were no longer just an add-in, but integral to an artist’s image. 


Dave Bladen Entertainments can bring you the Ultimate 80’s Disco party.  We can compile sets exclusively of music from the 80’s era. Super bands such as the Pet Shop boys, Human League, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, Heaven 17, ABC, Spandau Ballet are still major acts today nearly 30 years later.

Dave honed is DJ’ing skills throughout the 80’s and it is an era he loves and knows very well. He was also a frequent DJ at 70’s nightclub Flairs, so his musical expertise spans many decades to present day. Always the professional, if your event is 80’s costumed themed, he will only be too happy to get into the spirit of your big day.

So if this is just what you are looking for…Davie says relax… Contact us today and let’s get your Party rocking!!